The Shari‘ah Academy organized an Orientation Course course titled “Empowering Young Lawyers on Reconciliation and Conflict Management: Islamic and International Perspective” for the lawyers and law students of Islamabad on 5 April, 2022, in which more than 150 law students and lawyers participated. The programme started with a recitation from the Holy Quran, after which Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Mansoor (Director General Sharī‘ah Academy) welcomed the guest speakers, faculty members, and participants of the event. She also highlighted the importance of reconciliation and conflict management both from an Islamic and international perspective.

Dr.Habib ur Rahman (Chairman Department of Training) briefed about the aims, objectives, and activities of the Shariah Academy, following which Dr. Zafarullah Khan, Former Executive Director, Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services acquainted the participants with the importance of and ways for reconciliation and conflict management in detail. Dr. Muhammad Rizwan, Director, Centre for Counseling and Social Wellbeing, and Associate Professor, University of Haripur, delivered a lecture on stress management and highlighted the adverse impacts of stress on behavior and social life, suggesting various ways to handle stress.

Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Mansoor (Director General Sharī‘ah Academy) thanked the guest speakers, faculty members, other guests, and participants and presented shields to guest speakers while certificates will also be awarded to the participants.