Director-General Shari`ah Academy

Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Zia

Director-General Shari`ah Academy/Professor Law

Director-General’s Message

The Objectives Resolution was passed by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on the move of the first Prime minister of Pakistan Nawabzadah Liaquat Ali Khan. It laid down the foundation stone of the Islamic Sociopolitical as well as a religo-legal system of the nascent state to fulfill the vision promulgated by Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the continuously expressed by the Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The government of Pakistan has taken ever since several steps towards the process of realization of the objective of governance of various organs of the state as well as the society by Islamic Laws. It includes the establishment of various institutions working towards the achievement of this objective.

These institutions include the Islamic Research Institute, Council of Islamic Ideology, International Islamic University Islamabad, and Federal Shariat Court. Many aspects of the process i.e. revisiting the existing laws, rethinking the prevailing social, cultural, moral norms, and regularizing the economic, legal, and judicial systems according to the injunctions of Islam are dealt with by these institutions through research, education, and training.

 An Institute of training in Shari‘ah and Legal Profession was established in 1981 to fulfill the task of training the people associated with the legal profession in various capacities. This pioneer institution of training and research in Islamic Law, however, was elevated to the status of Shari‘ah Academy to become a constituent unit of the International Islamic University in 1985 while the  International Islamic University Ordinance1985 was passed.

Since its inception, the Academy was given the mandate to promote Islamic Legal Philosophy, orientation in Islamic Law and the Islamic Concept of Justice through the training of judges, attorneys, prosecutors, lawyers, and other legal professionals who play a key role in the judicial system of the country. The programmes of the Academy aimed at preparing the judicial and extra-judicial personnel to realize the aspirations of the people and constitutional imperatives calling for the Islamization of laws. To achieve its objectives the Academy has organized its activities under three departments i.e. Department of Training, Department of Research and publications, and Department of Distant Learning.

The Department of Training has so far successfully completed 60 Shari`ah Courses for judges, attorneys, public prosecutors, and law officers. Nine international programs have also been conducted on the premises of the Shari`ah Academy IIUI for the judicial officers of Kazakhstan, the Philippines, and Afghanistan. The department of training has also organized five Regional Programs of the International Training series; two in the Philippines, two in South Africa and another in Sri Lanka. Moreover, 66 Shari`ah Courses for Lawyers have been arranged. Apart from this, the Department has also organized Law Orientation Courses, Jadeed Maeeshat wa Tijarat (Islamic Banking and Finance) Course for Muftis and Dars-e-Nizami Graduates and three months comprehensive training programme for Muftis of Deeni Madaris. Another function of the Training Department is to organize seminars, workshops, national and international conferences on various themes within the field of Islamic law.

The Department of Research and Publications has so far published more than 132 titles including the Urdu translation of multi-volume sourcebooks of Islamic law, research-based syllabus books in Arabic and English for the Shari‘ah students of the university, Urdu translation of modern Arabic books on current issues relating Shari‘ah and Islamic law, Shari‘ah monographs and reading material in the shape of units for the participants of Correspondence courses.

The Department of Distant Learning has so far launched three courses, i.e. Correspondence course in Islamic Law (Elementary), Correspondence course in Islamic Law (Advanced; Usul ul-Fiqh) and Correspondence course in Family Law The department has planned for three other advanced courses and Online Learning Programme as well.

The Academy through these activities is trying to putting forth its humble efforts to meet the needs of the day regarding the interpretation, presentation, and re-organization of various disciplines of Shari‘ah knowledge and modern understanding of Islamic law and jurisprudence. 

Director-Generals of the Academy

Dr. Abdul Qayyum Qureshi17-11-198416-11-1987
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Dr. Abdul Latif Muhammad Aamir10-05-198802-07-1989
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Dr. Farkhanda Zia18-11-2021