Department of Distant Learning

Distant Education is recognized as one of the best Modes of knowledge in the world. For some decades there is an increasing tendency to get benefits from this method. Realizing the importance of distance learning a separate department has been established in the Shariah Academy in 1994 with the name of correspondence course section in Islamic law. Now working under the name of “Department of Distant Learning”, this section has been playing a very important role in the expansion of education of Islamic law and jurisprudence. It carries out its functions through correspondence courses.

The department is currently conducting three correspondence courses namely: Elementary Correspondence Course in Islamic Law; Advanced Correspondence Course in Usul-al-fiqh and Advanced correspondence Course on Family Law of Islam. Uptil now 40 such courses have been offered by the department on three different subjects for the last 34 years.

Course nameCourse OfferedParticipated
Elementary Course in Islamic Law (Fiqh)2410515
Advance Course in Usul-al-Fiqh144371
Family law of Islam (Fiqh-ul-‘Usrah)02260