About Us


The Sharī‘ah Academy, a pioneer institution of training in Islamic Law, is a constituent of the International Islamic University, Islamabad.

It was originally established as the “Institute of Training” in Sharī‘ah and Profession on 17th October, 1981, following the promulgation of the Islamic University Ordinance of 01 Muharram 1401 A.H. i.e. 10th November, 1980, and was later elevated as an Academy after the conferment of International status upon the Islamic University in 1985.


To impart Academic knowledge of Islamic and comparative law and to develop practical skills through training and research on national and international levels.

Mission Statement

The Sharī‘ah Academy focuses to promote Islamic legal Philosophy and the concept of justice through the training of judges, attorneys, prosecutors, lawyers, and other legal professionals, Academicians, Muftis, and Ulama. The Academy also has a prime objective to publish the relevant literature for the proper understanding of the Sharī‘ah and comparative law as well as the constitutional imperatives of Pakistan towards the understanding of Islamic Law and contemporary issues in the society at large.


The following are key objectives of the Academy:

  • To arrange pre-service and in-service training courses in Islamic law;
  • To develop methodologies for training and research in Islamic law and allied disciplines;
  • To launch and conduct correspondence courses in Islamic law facilitating an outreach through distance education system at both elementary and advanced levels;
  • To publish books, monographs, reports, and journals on Islamic law;
  • To hold conferences, seminars, symposia, and workshops on different areas in Islamic law; and
  • To perform such other functions as may be necessary for the realization of its objectives

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